Thomas, Jane, Rem, Colin, Bernhard, Robert and Denise go to the Beach

G.Stark_Margate Map Me Quick-1

Here a few slides from my pecha kucha talk at the Urban Design Autumn School in Margate, Kent. The fictional book covers are based on the speculation: What if T. S. Eliot, Jane Jacobs, Rem Koolhaas, Colin Rowe, Bernhard Tschumi, Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown had visited Margate and had written a book about it?

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Unlike the other, fictional weekenders, T. S. Eliot actually did visit Margate. In 1921, recovering from a nervous breakdown, Eliot spent a few weeks at the Kent coast and wrote Part III of his poem The Waste Land while sitting in the seaside shelter at Nayland Rock.

“On Margate Sands.  

I can connect

Nothing with nothing.

The broken fingernails of dirty hands.

My people humble people who expect