For the Birds

For the Birds_Buffalo.jpg

A project by Gabor Stark & Emilio Koutsoftides, 2017

The stacked roost tower references the carved narratives and representations of animal spirits of the totem typology that can be found in Manitoba. The region is famous for its great avian diversity and around 50 out of the 150 recorded bird species spend the winter in Winnipeg. The segments of the interlocking timber structure provide a vertical cluster of bird habitats as well as a landmark for the walkers and skaters on the frozen  Red and Assiniboine Rivers. While the upper section holds sixty nesting boxes for woodpeckers, chickadees, shrikes, nuthatches, waxwings, sparrows and finches, the lower part can be entered by one human at a time. Stepping from the open into the interior of the tower, visitors find shelter from the wind and their attention is directed towards the sounds of the surrounding landscape and the framed view of the sky.

Competition entry: Warming Huts 2018, Winnipeg, Canada

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For the Birds

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