SPACE STANDARDS // CHALKUP21 Art & Architecture Walk



“A drawing is simply a line going for a walk”

Paul Klee


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CHALKUP21 Art & Architecture Walk // Saturday 09 June 2018 // led by Gabor Stark


Here a few impressions of the spatial practice walk I led from Dover to St. Margaret’s Bay last week. I was invited by Dover Arts Development to orchestrate the event as part of the CHALKUP21 project, a new 21st-century architectural coastal trail that aspires to raise awareness and appreciation of contemporary art and architecture along the Strait of Dover. Linking together nine selected buildings and public artworks into a 17-mile coastal trail, the project focuses on contemporary art and architecture and aims to inspire a range of creative responses through video, photography, drawing and poetry.

On Saturday 9th June 2018 a group of 16 wayfarers joined me for a spatial practice promenade from Dover to St. Margaret’s Bay. Additional to visiting selected buildings and public artworks along the CHALKUP21 trail, participants were invited to actively engage with Dover’s built environment: to ‘do’ art and architecture, and to ‘perform’ and to intervene in space, albeit only fleetingly.

Inspired by Paul Klee’s aphorism that ‘a drawing is simply a line going for a walk’, I devised a family of seven portable linear constructions to accompany the walk. The eponymous Space Standards are designed as ‘axiomatic structures’ (Rosalind Krauss: Sculpture in the Expanded Field, 1979). Of identical line weight, the seven objects present all possible permutations of how to configure two timber sections perpendicularly on the top of a T-shaped pole. Self-evident and referring to nothing else than their intrinsic geometric and material properties, the seven artefacts are designed as abstract (en)signs that can be interpreted and used in multiple ways: as viewing frames, sculptural yardsticks, portable semaphores and three-dimensional drawing tools.

The international group of standard bearers hailed from England, Germany, Jordan, Taiwan and the United States. Together we took measures across Dover’s urban, infrastructural and coastal landscape and produced transitory spatial drawings of potential architectures along the way.



Standard bearers, co-walkers & fellow photographers

Alanoud Al-Radaideh // Alice Bryant // Danny Budzak // Yi-Peng Peppy Cheng // Philip Hutton // Joanna Jones // Kristina Kotov // Emilio Koutsoftides // Alf Löhr // Peter Morton // Declan Ralph // Petra Riemenschneider // Ines-Ulrike Rudolph // Daniel Stilwell // Ozan Topsogut // Nicola von Skepsgardh-Löhr


  • Start: Dover Priory Station
  • Site of the former Burlington House (1972 / demolished 2015)
  • Start/Finish Line (2011), designed by Alma Tischler Wood
  • Three Waves (2009), designed by Tonkin Liu Architects
  • Dover Sea Sports Centre (2010), designed by John Haynes & Simons Design Ltd
  • East Cliff / Port Of Dover Eastern Docks
  • Dover Totems (2017), designed by Elaine Tribley
  • White Cliffs Visitor Centre (1999), designed by Van Heyningen and Haward Architects
  • South Foreland Lighthouse (1793)
  • The Pines Calyx (2006), designed by Helionix Designs
  • Finish: The Coastguard seafront pub, St. Margaret’s Bay


CHALKUP21 // Another DAD project

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